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The House of AWT is proud to partner with Community Partners as our fiscal sponsor. They assist us with financial administrative services and expert counsel to help us succeed. Your donation will be routed through Network for Good, one of Community Partner's services, and our fiscal receiver. Your donation will help us at the House of AWT provide necessary services for queer youth of color in Los Angeles. For more information about Community Partners please visit their website.

For donation by credit card, click the donations button above to be directed to our official Network for Good site. There, you can safely and securely complete your donation. 


For donation by check, please make your donation payable to "Community Partners for House of AWT" with "0880" on the memo line, and use one of the two addresses below.


For USPS, please send checks to our post office remittance address: 

Community Partners
P.O. Box 741265
Los Angeles, CA 90074-1265
For UPS and FedEx, please send your check to this address:
Bank of America Lockbox Services
Lockbox #741265
2706 Media Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90065-1733


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